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Valjevo Business School of Applied Studies was established in 1979. It is one of the six state business schools in the Republic of Serbia and the only school of this type in the region of Western Serbia.

Until 2007, the School had the status of a college, awarding a college diploma. In compliance with the new Serbian Law on Higher Education the School received the national accreditation in 2007, whereby it was transformed into a business school of applied studies, awarding Bachelor degrees.

The number of students enrolled in the School since its foundation until the present day amounts to over 20,000 and there are about 1,000 students currently studying. The School offers basic applied (first degree) and specialist professional (second degree) studies based on accredited higher education study programmes. First degree studies are organized at three departments: Business Economics (with specializations in Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing and Trade, and Accounting, Auditing and Taxation), Business Informatics and International Business Administration. Specialist professional studies are offered in the field of Business Informatics and Financial Management.

Besides the educational activities, the School has its Research and Development Centre, which provides professional development trainings and courses in accounting, bookkeeping, finance and informatics to other institutions, companies and employed individuals, as well as consulting services and projects.

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