Mission, Vision and Goals


Focusing on quality in all areas, Valjevo Business School of Applied Studies provides a career-oriented and practice-integrated education enabling its graduates to perform tasks in the field of economics, management and information technology.

The educational services provided by the School take into account the local economic and cultural environment as well as international standards. Our degree programmes are tailored to the needs of current and future demands of the labour market combined with a sound theoretical underpinning. Therefore we make an important contribution to the economic and social development of both the region and the country.


Our vision is to become a leading business school of applied studies in the region, recognizable by the quality of its graduates, by providing higher education designed to enable acquiring a superior level of theoretical knowledge and developing practice-oriented skills and competencies necessary to fulfill the requirements of a dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

Goals of Valjevo Business School of Applied Studies:

• to enable its students to achieve a superior level of professional competencies, which will result in enhancing employability of its graduates
• to continuously enhance the quality of teaching and learning in an inspiring educational environment
• to continuously upgrade study programmes
• to intensify cooperation with other higher education institutions and business partners in the country and abroad and harmonize its study programmes with those of similar higher education institutions in order to optimize knowledge transfer and promote student mobility in accordance with the Bologna Declaration, as well as to meet the demands of the modern society
• to increase study efficiency
• to encourage sound and critical thinking and effective communication of ideas, and to increase student motivation to keep striving for excellence
• to ensure quality at all stages of the educational process as well as permanent professional development of its teaching staff, and develop organizational quality culture
• to upgrade logistics support to the teaching process (library, reading and computer rooms, internet club, etc.)
• to continue activities of the Research and Development Centre through various projects, innovative courses, further education and assistance in obtaining employment

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