Quality Policy


In accordance with the European and national standards for quality assurance of higher education institutions, we are committed to the following areas of internal quality assurance:

•    continuous monitoring and periodic review of study programmes
•    the quality assurance of teaching staff and teaching process
•    provision of learning resources and inspiring learning environment
•    system of information and public availability of information
•    organizational quality culture

The main objectives of the quality policy are:

•    to provide high quality educational services
•    to ensure quality at all stages of the educational process and continuous professional development of its teaching staff, and develop organizational quality culture
•    constant cooperation with the social environment, client orientation and flow of information, as a condition for maintaining and improving the recognition and reputation of the School acquired over more than three decades

Commitment to quality, its continuous monitoring and enhancement, as well as the introduction of a quality management system will result in a further transformation of the School into a modern European-type higher education institution.

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