Obaveštenja za studente III godine – pitanja za usmeni iz Engleskog jezika 3 (produžni)

Engleski 3 (produžni) – pitanja za usmeni , prof Tanja Dugošija

1. Work and motivation
a) One of the most important functions of a manager is to motivate the employees under his or her authority. But how? What kind of things would motivate you at work?
b) Tekst na strani 2 i 3.
c) How would you motivate people in the folowing positions:
·         a bus driver in a big city, who has to work irregular hours, including early morning, evening and night shifts
·         a nurse who works with seriously ill children
·         a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, who visits hospitals and doctors
·         a primary school teacher
·         a manual worker in a printing house
(you can as well think of some other occupation and how to motivate them)
2. Business Organizations
a) What are the different departments in a company? What are their functions?
b) What are the characteristics of a sole trader? What are its advantages/disadvantages?
c) What are the characteristics of a partnership? What are its advantages/disadvantages?
d) What are the characteristics of a private limited company (LTD)? What are its advantages/disadvantages?
e) What are the characteristics of a public limited company (PLC)? What are its advantages/disadvantages?
3. Management
What do you think makes a good manager? Which qualities do you think are the most important for a manager?
4. Marketing
a) What is the purpose/function of marketing?
b) What is the purpose of market research?
c) What is Marketing Mix?
d) What is product mix?
e) What is branding?
f) What is the function of packaging?
g) What are the phases in the product life cycle?
h) What does the price depend on?
i) What is penetration pricing?
j) What is price skimming?
k) What are the four major promotional tools?
l) What is the target market?
m) What kind of sales promotions are you receptiveto?
·         coupons giving a price reduction?
·         free samples?
·         discounts for buying large quantities?
·         price reductions in shops?
·         packets offering “20% extra”?
·         competition?
n) How would you promote the following:
·         a new, up-market health and fitness club
·         a new brand of jeans, manufactured by a new (and therefore unknown) company
·         a new, fashionable but inexpensive range of quartz watches
·         a new taxi company in your town
o) How would you promote your business school?
5. Banking
a) What are the traditional banking activities?
b) What are the forms of e-banking? What are their advantages/disadvantages?
c) What are the advantages of offshore banks?
6. Management and cultural diversity
a) What problems can multinational companies have in their foreign subsidiaries? Give examples of the different attitudes to work, promotion and status in a company.
b) What is the pay-per-performance principle? Would you like to work for a company that had a pay-per-performance policy? Why? Why not?
c) Have you ever worked in a team (at school, university…)? What are your impressions? Would you like to have a job which involves frequent working in a team? Why? Why not?
d) How do you imagine your perfect job?
7. Ethics
a) What is corruption and what causes it?
b) Give some examples of corruption and bribery.
c) In the exam, you can be presented with a moral dilemma at work. Your task would be to propose a solution of the problem.

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